Fruit From the Forest Performance Journal

Fruit From the Forest is a collaborative sound project created by Mina (Vitamina) and Lucija Gregov (Lazy O.). Our experimental sound exploration was firstly inspired by a strong relation to nature. We decided to use electronic waste that can be devastating for the Earth as an art tool for creation of sound. With the sounds of cello and awaken electronic waste, we are creating new sound landscape that acts as an antidote on today’s pollution and ecological crisis. Our sound performance acts as a new hybrid between cracks of visual and sonic art forms and technology. We are creating environment that is intensively about listening and in which sensual experience and atmosphere are emphasized through spontaneity and impulsiveness of improvisation. The boundaries between what is natural and artificial get deliberately blurred. Nature and synthetics both inspire each other, and we are unfolding the way in which they interact as sounds; creating, breaking and rebuilding connections which are considered to be opposites.


Vitamina and Lazy O. met in an unknown underwater city where Fish Police still occasionally patrols and chases Texas Crabs, members of a notorious Forever Dolphin Lovers Club (FDLC©), also listed as a sea organized crime unit number 26.
They had a long conversation at The Hungriest Seal diner but couldn’t hear each other properly because the water pressure was too high and it was hurting their ears. They are only girls, after all. However, the fluidity in the hands’ movement and occasional nervous fish-like twitch in their legs, made it clear that they both belong to the same, difficult-to-define entity a.k.a Liquid Artist. It was obvious that an interactive water flow is about to happen between the two and the surface of the sea was already wrinkling, ready to splash dry solid ground with a powerful foamy wave.

This is not an erotic story.



November 12th 2018,
Tut Töt Tuð Festival
Grand Theatre

Tut Töt Tuð is a new platform for audio, visual and audiovisual art. On the 12th and 13th of November, fourteen artists from Iceland, Germany and The Netherlands will be showcasing their works with performances, talks and installations. During this two-day festival in the Grand Theatre in Groningen, the Netherlands, Tut Töt Tuð bridges the gap between the exhibition and the festival. The newly developed art-collective Tut Töt Tuð provides an opportunity to break the network barrier for young artists to enter the European stage. The project enhances the geographical and artistic connection of a new generation.


L.O.: This is organized by a local fish community of which we are not apart of.
V: I know, but I don’t want to belong to any club that would want someone like me for a member anyway.
L.O.: They live on a coral reef near by. I guess we are sharing the water.
V: Yes, in that sense, it’s overflowingly nice to connect.
L.O.: Also, IW guess, it’s socially relevant. Coral reefs and their residents are endangered.
V: I don’t like the gap between us and other liquids and fish who came to watch us.
L.O.: Me neither, we should bring them closer next time.
V: I hope we survive; I am experiencing technical difficulties.
L.O.: Don’t worry, just follow the flow.

Now let us leave the tuning fork and turn our attention to the tuned circuit. You will remember that a capacitor consists of two plates of metal held apart by a substance of high resistance, called the dielectric. If the two metal plates are connected externally by a wire, which is wound into a coil, we have a tuned circuit, which can be energized and made to oscillate at its resonate frequency. We wondered whether the human body consisted of thousands upon thousands of tuned circuits, each energized into resonance. We might now perhaps wonder further – wonder whether the human body is one vast ‘tuned circuit’ embodying within it all these millions of smaller tuned circuits. (Maybe the spinal column is the coiled wire; maybe the brain… (the frontal lobes?) … and the solar plexus (with the sexual organs?) are the plates of the capacitor? In our electronic tuned circuit, if we allow the tension to become too great, the capacitor will become overcharged, and the energy will break trough the dielectric causing a spark-the death spark of the capacitor. This sudden release of energy will mean that an electromagnetic wave will be transmitted in all directions, which will cause any sympathetically tuned circuit to resonate, even though this circuit may be situated some distance away. What energy within the human body can suddenly break through the dialectic and become transmitted? I find it very exciting to think that our own personal wavepatterns may, according to their richness, energize many ‘vessels’ when we ‘die’. How fascinating to feel that part of oneself-perhaps just one of one’s overtones-might, ‘in a twinkling of an eye’, energise by sympathetic resonance an atom or a molecule… of an arbutus tree… of an amethyst… of a sea anemone, of Mount Annapurna, of an antelope, of an Armenian… and… of the galaxy of an Andromeda. What experience it would give ‘one’! Could individuality be viewed as the equal and opposite force which balances entropy? Could the world be a never-ending pulsation of energy forming into individuality, then being disseminated by entropy, only to reform into new individuality-a basic pulsation, the very fundamental of all fundamental sine waves? Do we need to wait for the death spark to feel this basic pulse? Is one not creating resonance and absorbing resonance all the time – an at one-ness which, alas, we seldom allow to penetrate our consciousness?

- DAPHNE ORAM, An Individual Note on Music, Sound and Electronics


November 9th 2018
Sounds of Music Festival, Sounds X Sign
SIGN gallery

With this exhibition, SIGN shows: interactive, performative interdisciplinary installations on the borderline of visual art, sound, music, performances and offers an ambiguous sensory perspective. All artists are present and will give a performance demonstration.


There is a tame and also a wild side to the human mind. The tame side is useful but limited. The wild side is larger, deeper, more complex, and though it cannot be fully known, it can be explored. Take nothing from the world, I give you my gift and ask for an exchange. It will leave you nourished. I give you my body, it is enactement. It will give you a taste of nature herself. Feathers, metal and leather tusks scattered on the floor. When I think of the Earth…is this the end? On the wall beside the mirror, a scarab beattle encased in Plexiglas. I give you my gift, it is kindness. It is a spiritual essence of nature herself. It should have been the day of our funeral. Let us take a moment of our precious time and remember her career as a prominent pole dancer at the restless setting of The Nun Whose Cunt Was the Hungriest. Even amongst those, who claimed to be the most free-spirited, a sensual exploration of female sexual dancing power, was a matter of laughter. It is those who laughed that will be despised from now on, in the name of her holiness, Virgin Mary, who could not understand her name. As the earth covers her grave, let us all be reminded that in earthly body she vanishes but in spiritual essence, continues to strive in defense of all that is created outside the law and arbitrary restrictions, bondage of marriage and fantasy dolls. Today we celebrate our primal power as Godesses.

- inspired by: GARRY SNIDER, Writers and War Against Nature


V: It’s about intensive looking and listening again.
L.O.: The room is so small and crowded, I feel the water might soon reach my throat.
V: Yes, that’s because all the big fishes are in the room.
L.O.: The shark is behind the camera, he said he wants to film us but he doesn’t even remotely understand what we are doing.
V: He is just a shark after all.
L.O.: I am exploring deeper possibilities. Xronomorph is showing response to randomized loops.
V: They cannot see anything. I will bring them diving masks next time.

We overflowed SIGN gallery once again for the closing of the exhibition on November 25th 2018

June 8th, 9th, 10th 2018
Shaky Grounds Festival
Minerva Academie

Shaky Grounds Festival takes place on Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June in the context of 100 Jaar de Ploeg. At Praediniussingel 59, Minerva Art Academy and the Prins Claus Conservatoire (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) together present an audiovisual festival with music, performances and fine art. The program has been developed over the last months by a new collective of students and teachers of both schools, inspired by the art and methods of artcollective de Ploeg.


L.O.: So, we do this one and then another one and another one and another one and another one.
V: Yes, that’s four waves in a row. Quite difficult to swim in.
L.O.: It’s a good thing that we brought radio, old mobile phones, delay and distortion. They will give us power.
V: I like the mixture of high and low water. Their qualities are so different but flow so well together.
L.O.: We have a guest who will make fish in the audience see.
V: Finally, someone who can operate a diving mask. However, I prefer to make my own next time.
L.O.: V, thank you for the 9V batteries.

May 18th 2018
Betontegel Festival
Factory storage at Neutronstraat

Betontegel is probably the most infrequent underground sound-exploration party of Groningen. After previous editions held in offices, Gym-areas and even on the stairs of Station-Noord, this time not only we’ve got a really cool location, but also a killer line-up! We invite you to an evening of sounds, structures and drones.

L.O.: I shouldn’t say this out loud because Fish Police might be listening, but I see a few Liquid Artists around here. FP was after them lately.
V: I know, that’s why the festival is held in deep underwater.
L.O.: I think Kiwi Boy liked us, he gave me a weird sticker.
V: He is so liquid. It’s good that we met him.
L.O.: Wow, everyone got a diving mask for free. They can see many unidentified and unnamed 3D objects floating all around. That’s so valuable for our overflow.
V: I can see the established pataphysical Liquid Artist Jan Klug. He has some tips for better understanding of improvised interaction. Wonderful flow.

March 31st 2018
Het Rumoer Festival

Het Rumoer is a wandering festival for sound art and experimental music in Groningen. On the edge of adventurous music and over the edge. We search for artists who want to do things differently and surface at unexpected places in the city. Het Rumoer is looking for experiment and for the unexpected. Underground. And sometimes above. A festival as a panoramic view.

V: So, this is our first time overflowing after the meeting at The Hungriest Seal. I am nervous. I think I will build this strange robot made of submarine waste.
L.O.: Great idea. With my sounds, it’s propeller will start moving.
V: I made you this special microphone that Fish Police cannot track. You can finally make all the experimental sounds.
L.O.: I just follow the pleasure.
V: Most of the fishes liked us. The good dolphin invited us to overflow his festival.
L.O.: Let’s establish Fruit From the Forest. FP will never understand what is that about.
V: Good thinking L.O. A.C.A.B.

Performance journal #1
March 2019

Lucija Gregov

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